1. Karate is to be used for self-defense purposes only. The actual use of karate to injure another person should be avoided whenever possible. Use of karate should be reserved as a last resort. Avoidance of confrontation is preferred at all times. 
2. Permission must be obtained from the master before training at another martial arts school, even if it is not a karate school.
3. Permission must be obtained from the master before attending martial arts seminars, even if they are not karate seminars.
4. When representing the IKA at any event, the student must follow protocol to the highest level. Any breach of this protocol reflects negatively upon the IKA.
5. Use of karate for dishonorable purposes is strictly prohibited.

In Tournaments
1. Good sportsmanship must be followed at all times
2. Officials should never be argued with
3. Officials should never be spoken to unless you are asked a direct question by that official.
4. No gestures of disrespect should be displayed at any time to any official, no matter how bad the call may have been.
5. Opponents should never be intentionally hurt.
6. Full respect is given to both officials and opponents at all times.
7. Bow before entering and upon leaving the ring
8. Bow to the referee before the beginning of a match.
9. Family and friends as well as fellow students are not to yell out negative remarks during a tournament.
10. Coaching of a student during the event is not allowed.
11. Remember IKA students are always representatives of Soke and IKA and your conduct will be observed and the organization as a whole judged by your conduct.

Reigi Outside The Dojo