This text is designed to be used only as a guideline and should not be considered an absolute reference especially in regards to Reigi. This is primarily to be used as a reference for students of the International Karate Association and may not be applicable to your own organization. Beginning students are not expected to know all of these rules and protocols, though they should be followed to the best of one's ability.

This is part one of a continuing series of topics to be covered by this reference. This is not designed to be a complete reference but rather a guide to becoming a better karateka and tournament competitor that can be utilized as an adjunct to one's training. I hope this has given you a greater understanding of karate-do and the importance of the mental aspects in the practice of karate and how karate is not just a method of fighting but a way of life and a philosophy all its own. In addition, I hope that this will assist the potential tournament competitor to be a better fighter and perform better kata.

Special thanks to the following people whose input made this document possible:

Soke Takayuki Kubota
Shihan Tatsuo Hirano
Shihan Val Mijailovic
Shihan Gordon Pfeiffer
Shihan Ted Bratakos
Shihan Adam Pearson
Shihan Michael Berger
Sensei Carmen Kim
Sempai Linda Kuratomi


So-Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi

Revision 12012000

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