Practice Your Sets Out of Sequence

Practice kata by doing the sets out of sequence. Do this by writing different moves in the kata down on several pieces of paper. Now pull one of the papers and perform the kata from that move on. This teaches you to be able to pick up a kata from any point in the kata and continue. Often times during a kata performance you may find a momentary lapse in your concentration or perhaps a distraction caused you to lose your place. All you need to do is remember the last move you did and now you are able to reinsert yourself back into the kata sets you were performing. Believe me, this happens all the time in kata and the ability to do this has saved me more than once. The other way to accomplish this is by teaching the kata to another student. In teaching, you often times are doing the exact same thing. The student learns a few moves and they say, "OK what comes next". This forces you to pick up the kata from the last move and continue.

Practice Your Kata Facing Different Directions

It is amazing that as we practice kata in the dojo, we align ourselves to many landmarks in the dojo based on what set we are doing. Take away the dojo and now all the landmarks are gone. All of a sudden you find yourself in a tournament unable to remember which way you are supposed to be facing for a given move since the landmark is now gone. Solution: In the dojo practice performing your kata facing different directions. This will teach you to focus not on the landmarks, but rather the relationship of one set to the other and the placement of the footwork. Practice outside of the dojo also helps but the same advice holds. If you face the same tree every time when you do a kata you are now orienting yourself to outdoor landmarks instead of inside ones.
Practice Kata Out of Sequence Facing Different Directions