The judges are starting to judge your kata performance from the minute your name is called to enter the ring. The observant judge is watching you enter the ring and getting a first impression of your karate just by the way you walk and enter the ring. Observance of protocol and respect is being taken note of. Some things to take note of: When walking to the entrance point of the ring, do not cross in front of any official or any competitor seated around the ring. The proper way is to walk behind these people. Carry yourself upright and with confidence. The bow before entering the ring should be deep and not rushed. When at your mark you again should perform a respectful bow to the head judge and then go into a strong ready stance. The name of the kata should be shouted out from the abdomen with KI demonstrating the strength of the karateka's spirit even before any moves of the kata are performed. By following these guidelines you are already ahead in your scoring over someone that may not even before the actual performance of the kata takes place.
Practice Entering the Ring