An integral part of the kata performance is the demonstration of a strong spirit. The well-trained karateka will emanate an aura of confidence and strength. The posture is straight and upright, the shoulders back, the chin up and most importantly the eyes focused. There is little or no demonstration of physical or mental weakness in the well-trained karateka. Physical conditioning is such that no signs of fatigue are detectable during the kata performance. Fatigue manifests itself as a reduction of mental and physical power and focus. No smiling or break in the seriousness of focus or attitude is demonstrated. Each physical movement demonstrated is done with the spirit as if the movement is executed against a live opponent. An aura of strength and power is projected at all times. Opponents of lesser spiritual strength instinctively will sense this and in turn are immediately at a disadvantage. The stronger spirtual strength also manifests itself on the physical side as well making the movements of the karateka stronger and more powerful.
Developing Presence