Emphasize the Focus by Utilizing a Proper Length Pause Between Sets

A very common mistake during kata competition is that the kata is done too fast. A kata done too fast does not have time to emphasize the focus of the movements and clarify the distinctive sets that comprise the kata. This is most common with those inexperienced in performing kata in a tournament. They tend to be nervous and this nervousness manifests itself as a kata that looks like it is "rushed". To the person doing the kata they may not think they are going too fast, but the adrenaline flowing through the system distorts the perception such that they feel they are not going as fast as they really may be. By taking a split second pause after each set, maximum attention and power may be delivered to the movements that compose the sets thus emphasizing focus and power of the movement. The pause must not be too long nor too short. Too long and it may seem that you have forgotten the next move. Too short and focus is lost. The movements within each set may be done fast and hard but remember the pause that breaks the sets up. If the movement is especially dynamic, giving a split second extra pause at the conclusion of the set will put more emphasis on the movement and amplifies the focus and intention of the karateka executing the move. Paying attention to this will dramatically increase the focus of the movements in the kata and ultimately result in a higher score.

Emphasize the Slow Movements

Slow movements from within the kata, properly done, demonstrate power, concentration and focus. Take this opportunity to really work on the breathing of the movement and the dynamic tension during the move to demonstrate power in the move, even when it is performed slow. Tension in the body is demonstrated during the slow movement at the same time exhaling through the mouth. Inhale during the setup phase of the movement and exhale through the extension of the move to emphasize the focus and power. Demonstrate the strength of your spirit during this time as well by concentrating as hard as you can on the movement being performed at that time. This concentration demonstrates to the judges your level of spiritual strength and power.

Importance of Pause and Slow Movements