Kata is an extremely valuable tool in the development of the karateka. The benefits foremost are mental. Kata greatly sharpens the karateka's ability to develop mental focus. The concentration required to perform kata correctly is such that total mental focus must be on the coordination of the body and mind in order to perform the kata. Kata practice is the ultimate in the merging of mind and body. It is the mind creating a tight link of the conscious and subconscious with that of the physical body. As one's kata becomes stronger, so does the spirit of the karateka. The stronger spirit develops a strong warrior both physically and mentally

Kata also has great physical benefits as well. It is excellent for the cardio vascular system and is an excellent aerobic workout. It improves the circulation and the flow of Ki throughout the body.  It enables the martial artist to practice on their own without the necessity of partners like in judo. Kata enables one to practice the techniques to a high level of proficiency. Power is developed through the dynamic tension and the perfection of the form necessary to develop strong technique. Balance is greatly enhanced through practice as well. Perfection of form leads to maximum power generation potential by any given movement performed. Kata allows the karateka to practice not only the basics (kihon) which is the foundation of karate but advanced techniques as well.

Many karateka do not find the significance in kata and instead embrace only the fighting techniques. Kata is an integral part of karate training. Without kata the karateka is unable to take their physical, mental, and spiritual development of the art to the next level.

Importance of Kata