Developing Kime (Focus)

Kime is the focused generation of power that is generated and demonstrated in a karate movement whether it is a block, punch, or kick. It is the product of synchronized body movements whose cumulative action work together to focus the entire body's energy into a specific movement. The generation of kime us usually at the full extension of the technique. Kime is generated for the split second that contact is made with the opponent or during the full extension of the movement when performing kata.

Generation of kime in kumite is a prerequisite for point scoring. Techniques delivered without kime are considered weak and no points are awarded. Kime is even more important in kata. Since kata is a demonstration of "proper form", power is not generated if there are any flaws in the form.

The best way to practice generating kime is through the practice of kihon (basics). Movements are started slowly at first and with little or no power being used with emphasis on the proper form. Proper synchronization of the body's movements is necessary to generate maximum power. Once the basic form is performed adequately then speed and power can be applied. It is important to be proficient in the basic movement before power and speed are applied. If power and / or speed are applied to the basic movement before it is performed correctly then the result is usually a great degradation of the form. Speed and power can gradually be applied with emphasis put on maintaining the proper form. If the form begins to degrade, then the amount of force or speed should be reduced until the proper form can be maintained given the amount of speed and power applied. In a punch, kick, or block, lateral or vertical movement should be eliminated at the extension and execution of the technique. Either of these movements or "wobbles" indicate a momentary loss of focus and therefore a loss of power as well. A concerted effort should be made to keep the body relaxed during the execution of the movement and to tighten the muscles necessary to generate power at the precise execution of the technique's contact with the opponent. Over time, with practice, a great amount of force can be generated if the proper form can be maintained in conjunction of the application of speed and power during the execution of the technique.

Kime or Focus