This Website is a sample of the works that are in my new E-Book:

Karate: The Mental Edge

It is published by in electronic format for use on the Amazon Kindle, iPhone, and iPad E-book readers. I firmly feel this technology is the wave of the future. It is also good for the environment in that no trees are used as everything is electronic. Amazon uses a new "E-ink" technology which makes the text look just like paper. The Kindle also has a built in cellular radio to be able to download books via the cellular network with no monthly fees.  

The book includes a vast amount of additional information. Here is a copy of the synapsis from Amazon:

"This E-book was written exclusively for Amazon Kindle by World Karate Champion and instructor, Shihan Rod Kuratomi. It fills the mental void that exists in modern martial arts training. It is said that Martial Arts training builds character and self-discipline but to the novice how these valuable character traits are developed is often a mystery. This book explains some of the mystique behind karate training and how martial arts training are more mental than physical. It also goes into great detail on how to be a better tournament competitor by utilizing strategy instead of brute strength or talent. Also covered are modern renditions of what the combat mindset is and how to be a more aware and formidable opponent both on the street and in the ring. These tips are applicable to not only karate but to interpersonal relationships, the business world, modern warfare and self-defense. Much of today's modern training is dedicated only to the physical aspects, with emphasis only on fighting and technique. Without addressing the mental aspects, the system becomes only a method of fighting, and the "Art" is lost. The "Do" in karate-do refers to "The Way". The way is the road to spiritual enlightenment, utilizing karate as a vehicle to get there. Development of the karate spirit is perhaps the most important aspect of the art. This reference is a compilation of concepts and ideas which are dedicated to the spiritual aspects of Karate-Do and how to utilize them to become a better competitor and enjoy better living through the way of karate. Everything in this book was learned by training continuously in the martial arts since 1981. Much was learned through the self-discovery method and much trial, error, and injury. It is the authors hope that by reading this book, you can accelerate your understanding of the martial way in much less time. Shihan Rod Kuratomi is a 6th degree black belt in Gosoku Ryu karate under 10th degree black belt, Grandmaster Soke Takayuki Kubota of the International Karate Association. He is the technical director for the world-wide organization and is the successor to Soke Kubota in the Gosoku Ryu karate system. He also holds black belts in Kobudo (traditional weapons), Hojutsu (firearms), and Kubojitsu (Kubota Jujitsu). He is a laboratory systems analyst by profession and resides in Southern California." 

The book costs $5.95 and I think you will find the information well worth while. 

I had to stop selling the PDF version because people were posting it on file sharing websites. Press the button below to be directed to the website where you can download the book for your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone. 

Seek Perfection of Character,

Shihan Rod Kuratomi
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