This reference on Karate-Do is dedicated to filling some of the voids created by today's martial arts training. Much of today's modern training is dedicated only to the physical aspects with emphasis only on fighting and technique. Without addressing the mental aspects the system becomes only a method of fighting and the "Art" is lost. The "Do" in karate-do refers to "The Way". The way being the road to spiritual enlightenment utilizing karate as a vehicle to get there. Development of the karate spirit is perhaps the most important aspect of the art. This reference is a compilation of concepts and ideas dedicated to the spiritual aspects of Karate-Do. The following was learned first hand and by experiencing everything written here over a period of over 35 years of martial arts training. It is my hope that in making this information available that others may be able to benefit from my experience without having to spend the time I did discovering some of these concepts. Although there is great benefit in discovering these concepts on your own, not everyone has the time or dedication to be able to do so. It is my goal to assist the karate student to discover "the way (Do)" through karate.  I am a student of Karate-Do for life, any input you have would be greatly appreciated. 

The unity of body and mind through training is the key to finding the way.

Osu !

Rod Kuratomi - 7 th Dan Black Belt - Kyoshi
Gosoku Ryu Karate - International Karate Association, Inc.
Glendale, California - USA

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"Pulled muscles, torn ligaments, broken bones, sweat and blood.  It is not the physically gifted that excel in martial arts, but the determined. Those who refuse to give up are the ones that can become the future Masters."  - Kyoshi Rod Kuratomi
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